Monday, May 11, 2009

Goodbye For Now

My roommate just left, and I can't believe how sad I am. She told me when she was leaving but it didn't seem real until now.

Here's my side of the room:

Here's hers:

I always feel like I'm ready to go until the last minute.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finals Week

Why is it that my school lets out at least a week after everyone else's? Not that I should complain; I really like it here and I don't mind staying, it's just odd.

There is no way I'm going to get better than a C on my Northern Renaissance Art final, which will bring my overall grade to a good solid B-. I can't understand how this guy thinks it's okay to give us no study guide, only the advice to study what we spend more time on (and we spend pretty much equal time on everything), and it ends up being so that we have to know everything about one hundred and thirty-five paintings by the end. That's a lot! I've been studying hard for a couple weeks now and I still don't have it down at all. All their names sound the same.

Some art history major I am.

I did quite well on one of my Painting III reviews, but it's hard to estimate how I did on the other. The same professor did them twice, so really she had nothing to say about my second one. It was frustrating, though, because she had plenty to say about everyone else's. I walked away in the end with the feeling that my work simply wasn't worth talking about. Which may just be a fair assessment. But then why did my first review go so well? The head of the department here is a pretty traditional guy when it comes to art, and he and I share some similar views. He was at my first review and not my second, so my only guess is that that could have something to do with it. My Figure II review went well, but I was confident it would; I've always been better at drawing than painting. She told me I have the best understanding of the pelvis of anyone to ever come from this school. Thanks?

My Experimental Book review is on Tuesday, and we've had three weeks to prepare our final book. Naturally, I haven't even started mine. Painting and Art History just took up all my time. I can't imagine what I would have done if my Psychology class hadn't been cancelled. I really can't tell whether it's my time management that's the problem, or if my classes were just a difficult combination. I think I did alright on time. I mean I feel like all I did was work. But then again here I am, not studying, writing this entry.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully start and finish my book, do my final and finish packing. Tuesday I hope to have everything moved into the new house and Wednesday I'll be on my way home.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Blogging has always struck me as being an odd thing. I used to do it a lot when I was younger, but it's just not the same as having a handwritten account you can hold and feel and flip through. Isn't it weird too that you're assuming the rest of the world is interested in what you're doing? I mean I really like to read other peoples' blogs, but then it makes me feel self-centered when I expect others to feel the same way about mine. Who am I that anyone else would give a crap? I suppose it's an easier way to update people about your life than telling them all individually, but even that concept bothers me.

Despite these things, I realize an artist in the present day cannot get by without a website of some kind. Why not post art and daily updates on my life? Of course I'll keep my paper journals closer than my laptop, but this will do as a complement.

So, all that to say, here I go with the first blog I've kept in years. I'll try to post as much art as text, but we'll see.